February 1, 2021

Can you move house during covid 19 lockdown?

Whether you have been planning to buy a new place before COVID-19 or it is a more recent decision, the pandemic has definitely made it harder to move homes. The good news is that the housing market will remain open during the lockdown. However, if you are in the UK, moving is still permitted, as long as you follow the guidelines set by the government.

1. People Allowed to Help You

You can move homes and ask people to help you, as long as they are within your household or support bubble. There are strict guidelines on who can form support bubbles, so there are people who can only rely on the members of their household to assist them in moving. You can check the guidelines on who can form support bubbles to check if you can ask for help from outside your household.

If your household or support bubble cannot assist you with moving, you can contact removal firms to help you. Social distancing should still be observed, and you should clean your belongings before being handled by others.

2. Doing More Online

The government advises people, property agents, conveyancers, and other real estate professionals to modify their workflow regarding buying and selling homes. They are advised to do more of the activities online.

If possible, virtual viewings should be an option for potential buyers. Open house viewings are extremely discouraged.

In case you’re putting your home up for viewing, you should thoroughly clean the apartment prior, and vacate it during the viewings. Make sure that you should also open all internal surfaces and clean all surfaces such as door and cabinet handles.

3. Following Health Protocols

When absolutely necessary, you can visit your agent’s office or view a property in person, provided that you follow the health protocols to avoid the COVID-19 virus. You should wear proper face coverings prescribed by the government. Two metres of distance should also be observed at all times. Lastly, you should wash your hands regularly.

4. Self-Isolation

If you or any member of your households experience symptoms of COVID-19 or are prescribed to self-isolate, you should delay your moving plans. This also applies if you have been recently in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

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